Reactive maintenance

We’re committed to solving problems for our clients and our response times are one of our greatest achievements. Having the right attitude and achieving strong performance has helped us keep reactive maintenance contracts for many years. We’ve recently invested in DPP JobWatch – bespoke mobile engineer technology – to make sure our communication and service continue to be the best in the industry.

Our reactive maintenance commitments:

  • DPP has built a reputation for excellent reactive services, going the extra mile to resolve issues for customers to prevent downtime and loss of trading.
  • We set service level agreements for our reactive maintenance services that give our customers peace of mind they’ll get quick attendance on site when things go wrong, by engineers who know the site and can act fast to address problems.
  • We guarantee each of our customers’ sites has an engineer no more than a 30-minute journey away.
  • We process 600 calls every week.
  • Our rate of first-time fixes is close to 85% and we’re going further to get that even higher, with mobile engineer technology that enables quicker communication, sharing of information and easier decision-making.
  • Our highly stocked vans and close relationships with suppliers also help to maintain high rates of first-time fixes.
  • We’re on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, available to work in the hours that our bar, restaurant and hotel customers need us to, in order to keep trading.
  • Our engineers are highly skilled with qualifications they’ve achieved over 4-6 years and regular refresher courses to keep their knowledge current.
  • We also invest in expanding our engineers’ range of technical expertise to help them solve more challenges on site and address interlocking systems.
  • We operate an extensive back office system to support our front-line engineers. Our customer services team looks after all estimating, procurement, customer liaison and process administration to drive fast completion of works.
  • When remedial works or new equipment are necessary, we provide cost options for shorter and long-term fixes, allowing our customers to manage their budgets.

Key performance indicators (KPIs)

We work to our own performance indicators as well as those set by the industry and our customers. Our reactive maintenance KPIs include:

  • Attendance on site within agreed time frames
  • Percentage of first-time fixes
  • Remedial works quotation provided within agreed time frame
  • Works completed within agreed time frame

Case Study

One winter there was a really horrendous snow blizzard and 15 of our vehicles were completely stuck. But because of the bad weather we were obviously getting customer calls. One of our engineers dug out his own car at home, to get to a client in an emergency situation 40 minutes away.

Case Study

There were severe floods a few years ago in Cheltenham and Gloucester and a client of ours had over 70 outlets in the region.

They asked us to get them clean water so they could keep trading. The situation was incredibly challenging as obviously the Local Authorities were trying to secure clean water for the residents. But we wanted to source a local supply of natural spring water further north and arranged for it to be drawn, delivered and stored in tankers for around 8 weeks.

There was a technical challenge too. The pumps in the pubs were used to working off mains pressure so we had to deliver this alternative source in at the same pressure and estimate the volumes of water that would be needed.

We won an award for this disaster recovery work.

Case Study

A new site for an existing client had a big issue with its kitchen extractor system. The ultraviolet (UV) protection system had failed and the centre management had issued a notice of closure for the site.

Another contractor responsible for servicing the extractor had failed to keep the unit correctly maintained and excessive odour and grease was being extracted into the environment.

The threat of site closure came at one of the busiest times of year for the site. A major event was taking place which would generate significant turnover for the client. We were contacted to provide an immediate service and repair to the UV system so the site could be open for trading.

We received the call on a Tuesday night and had to get the site ready for the event starting on Friday morning. Within 24 hours a new UV system and all ancillary parts were installed. The centre management gave permission for the site to trade and the event went ahead successfully.

Case Study

We were working with a customer on their air ventilation and they had an unusual kitchen extractor fan which failed. It was a Sunday and our supplier base was unable to provide the replacement motor needed that day.

So the engineer working on the project took the existing fan to a local motor rewinding company and asked if they could fix the motor. As we didn’t have an account with the company he went to his own bank and withdrew £700.00 to pay for the works. The site was up and running again within four hours.


Accreditations are the essential passport in our industry to carry out compliance and maintenance work for customers. But at DPP they mean more than a stamp of approval, they’re something we work hard at in order to be the best facilities maintenance business serving bars, restaurants and hotels. All our engineers are fully trained in the procedures and processes attached to each accreditation, so they can service, repair and install new equipment correctly and safely.

Gas Safe Register
Refcom F-gas certificated
Alcumus Safe Contractor

The DPP experience

Every member of the DPP team – from our directors and managers through to our engineers on the ground – is committed to delivering an excellent customer experience.

We’re guided by our values of Dependability, Proactivity and Professionalism and always go the extra mile to keep our customers’ bars, restaurants and hotels trading.

Good communication with our customers is key and we welcome feedback. It helps us to continuously improve and maintain our position as the industry-leading contractor.

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