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At DPP, we understand that fully functioning heating, cooling, ventilation and electrical assets are critical to your hospitality business providing the comfort, quality and safety your customers expect. Every minute of a failing asset inhibits your ability to trade and impacts on your bottom line.

We have over 35 years of experience in planned and responsive maintenance, projects, and health and safety management, and have focused on the hospitality industry for over 20 years. Our team of 55 operations staff and over 120 engineers supports over 8,000 sites.

We do whatever it takes to keep your business serving, fulfilling the DPP values of Dependability, Proactivity and Professionalism, meeting our performance commitments, and investing in the training, tools and technology required to do the best possible job. We’re setting the standards for quality and customer service in our industry.

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We have high rates of first-time fixes and planned maintenance compliance. You can rely on us for insight and accreditations as well as closely managed procurement and costs.




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Offering first rate customer service in a contained geographical region
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Over 300 organisations trust us to fix and maintain their business-critical heating, cooling, ventilation and electrical assets.
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Our team of customer services managers is responsible for estimating, procurement, reporting, performance management and completion. They drive the process that ensures our engineers can perform their work and customers are back up and running as soon as possible.

Over the past year we have invested in technology that integrates all performance, knowledge management, procurement, financial and administrative tasks, to further enhance the speedy and streamlined service we provide.

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DPP perform particularly well when there is a complex issue or where a high level of diagnostic skills is required. They have a very high calibre of engineers who work on our account and if you compare them to the M&E companies we use in other regions, they are definitely ahead.


Accreditations are the essential passport in our industry to carry out compliance and maintenance work for customers. But at DPP they mean more than a stamp of approval, they’re something we work hard at in order to be the best facilities maintenance business serving bars, restaurants and hotels. All our engineers are fully trained in the procedures and processes attached to each accreditation, so they can service, repair and install new equipment correctly and safely.

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