Listening to our customers

We’re always looking for new ways to improve what we do for our customers, whether that’s innovative technology to increase the speed and efficiency of our call outs; engaging with higher-education colleges to achieve greater diversity in our industry; or managing our environmental impacts to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals. We listen to our customers and we act on what they tell us, to make sure our service is as good as it can be.

DPP perform particularly well when there is a complex issue or where a high level of diagnostic skills is required. They have a very high calibre of engineers who work on our account and if you compare them to the M&E companies we use in other regions they are definitely ahead.

We're going further for our customers

We recognise DPP has a role to play, Increasing the percentage of women who pursue plumbing and engineering careers. We’ve set targets to achieve a more balanced engineer workforce, developed strategies to encourage more women into our industry, and actively encourage women to apply for M&E roles at DPP. Our target for 2020/21 is for 5% of our engineers to be female, increasing to 10% in 2022/23, and 15% in 2023/24. We want to lead the industry.

I’ve had cases where DPP will be out at 2.00am to fix a boiler when a hotel hasn’t had hot water. They’ve come out in all weathers on weekends, bank holidays, and really pull out the stops.

What I like about DPP is they’ve listened to what we’ve got today and tried to understand what it is we’re looking for. The guys at the top really understand what we need.


Of all planned testing and maintenance delivered on time

Sites served in London, the South of England and Wales


DPP started by providing us with reactive maintenance but have since also moved on to doing a lot of our statutory compliance work. They are involved in a lot of different types of work and disciplines. We took the decision to extend the work they do for us because they were a stable and reliable contractor who we felt could handle the increase in work volumes.

Smart ways to reduce travel distances and emissions

DPP’s core service is providing mobile engineers to thousands of sites across London, the South of England and Wales. Due to the urgent nature of breakdowns and repairs on clients’ sites, we have no choice but to use vans. However, by increasing the number of clients in our existing geographical areas, rather than growing by working further afield, we can plan our engineers’ time around clusters of sites. This reduces the distance and CO2 emissions of journeys between each call out and means we get to our customers quicker. We aim to reduce engineer travel time and distance by 10% during 2020/21, 15% in 2021/22, and 20% in 2022/23.


Reduction in 2019 in the use of plastic bags for the disposal of waste

Of all 3-4 hour response time commitments met