Six week roll out of new smart phone technology to 200 engineers

09 October 2013

DPP has completed a six week roll out of new smart phone technology to its 200 directly employed engineers. The phones are enabled with applications that allow electronic sending of worksheets and reports to DPP’s back office.

The successful roll out ensures DPP’s clients have the most up-to-date information available on their repairs and maintenance. This includes information on health and safety procedures, worksheets, reports, recommendations and certification.

The quick flow of information also ensures back office support is immediately available to engineers on technical issues, again increasing the potential for first time fixes. Historical details can also be supplied to engineers on site.

Dean Price, Managing Director of DPP, commented: “I’m proud of how quickly we’ve rolled out this new system and the integration of engineers and back office it enables. Our clients will notice even better united performance delivery.”