Delivering on commitments

We’ve grown from being a family business into a team of 200 directly employed engineers, supported by a substantial back office team. Yet the values we began with remain solid in our business today. When we make a commitment we keep it and we do it well.

We say DPP is...Dependable, Proactive and Professional.

We show we are by getting issues solved quickly, by taking the initiative to prevent downtime and by being perfectionists about doing things the right way, every time.

But we also make sure we listen to our customers to guarantee our service is always as good as it should be. Here’s what some of them have said.

I really cannot fault them as a contractor. The relationship has been excellent. I like the fact they aren’t overly contractual about things. They are always willing to adapt to suit the situation.

DPP started by providing us with reactive maintenance but have since also moved on to doing a lot of our statutory compliance work. They are involved in a lot of different types of work and disciplines. We took the decision to extend the work they do for us because they were a stable and reliable contractor who we felt could handle the increase in work volumes.

DPP perform particularly well when there is a complex issue or where a high level of diagnostic skills is required. They have a very high calibre of engineers who work on our account and if you compare them to the M&E companies we use in other regions they are definitely ahead.

I’ve had cases where DPP will be out at 2.00am to fix a boiler when a hotel hasn’t had hot water. They’ve come out in all weathers on weekends, bank holidays, and really pull out the stops.

What I like about DPP is they’ve listened to what we’ve got today and tried to understand what it is we’re looking for. The guys at the top really understand what we need.