About us

Our company was formed over 30 years ago and carries with it vast expertise of maintenance services for homes and commercial operations. Since 2003 we’ve focused entirely on bars, restaurants and hotels, becoming the mechanical and electrical services contractor for some of the biggest UK consumer brands.

We know our customers’ trading time is vital time and we’re passionate about protecting it, through our planned and reactive maintenance services and efficient project delivery.

Technically skilled

Our technical capabilities and design knowledge are second to none, covering all heating, cooling, ventilation and electrical appliances and systems utilised in bars, restaurants and hotels. We’re engineering experts you can turn to for all your planned, reactive and project requirements.

High ratio of engineers

As we’ve grown and specialised, we’ve always maintained a high concentration of engineers in our chosen geographical region, making sure each engineer covers no more than 30 sites. It means every engineer can develop in-depth knowledge of their set outlets and react quickly and effectively when things go wrong or new installations take place. We stand out in the industry because all of our 200 engineers are directly employed. It means we can train them to our standards, as well as our clients’ requirements, and ensure their knowledge stays within the business.

Technology enabled

The engineers are our front line operators, equipped with smart phone based customer relationship technology and fully stocked, specially designed service vans. They are trained and monitored for their technical and health and safety knowledge, given the opportunity to expand their specialist expertise and chosen for their love of engineering and commitment to customer service.

Customer services

Behind the front line we have a substantial team of customer services managers, responsible for estimating, procurement, reporting, performance management and completion. They drive the process that ensures our customers have minimal downtime when systems break and compliance certification is consistently in place.

They also direct big projects, are skilled at managing multiple stakeholders and very experienced in the challenges different kinds of building can create.

Trustworthy solutions

Our customers say we know their outlets better than they do and trust us to find a solution when and where it’s needed. We don’t only develop solutions at our customers’ outlets, we tirelessly find new ways to improve the level of customer service we provide – to reduce time, manage costs and protect our customers’ business.